Is online 21 safe?

This page is intended for international readers only. Australians cannot legally play online as of September 2017 due to the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act 2016.

Some punters prefer playing blackjack at a brick-and-mortar casino because they are skeptical of the safety, fairness and security of playing 21 on the Web. As blackjack enthusiasts, this is completely understandable. Even for dedicated online players, the love of the game comes from our experiences at the live casino first before the transition to Internet-run games – but all players can rest easy.


These days, real money Internet casinos have a number of mechanisms and organisations in place to ensure playing on the Net is equally as safe as playing at a gambling establishment. Here we examine said systems and the watchdogs who ensure online blackjack is as fair and safe as its land-based counterpart.

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Online blackjack industry watchdogs

watchdogTesting agencies are an important part of the online gambling world. They exist to ensure and assure players that playing table games like 21 online are safe. Online gaming accreditation services such as eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) look out for overall gamer safety, and evaluate gaming services for the protection of vulnerable customers, defenses against fraudulent and criminal behaviour, safeguards for a customer’s identity and privacy, gaming fairness (random number generator evaluations), prompt payments made to winners and the reliability of online gaming sites. It’s standard practice for industry watchdogs to also review the security of online gaming operators and software suppliers.

Almost all established, quality online venues like Royal Vegas Casino use a PRNG (pseudo random number generator) for their games. PRNGs use a mathematical formula to produce sequences of numbers that appear random. While PRNGs are not genuinely totally random, there’s no way of predicting what numbers or cards will be drawn next. To make sure Web casinos don’t skew the odds in their favour, there are bodies in place that monitor the quality of these PRNGs.

Prior to securing a licence to operate in a gaming site, a random number generator system must be certified by an independent third-party; it will have its source codes analysed and tested statistically to verify the numbers it generates are truly random.

Security measures of web casinos and banking services

Established gambling sites will have the proper measures in place to make sure your financial transactions are safe and secure. Different sites will employ different electronic cash merchants to keep your funds safe. For example transactions at All Slots Casino are processed by Digimedia, which exchanges casino credits for real money securely and safely.

Electronic cash merchants will also have their own devices and processes to protect your account information, safeguard payments made to you and prevent fraud. A common procedure is the occasional request of supporting documentation to prove your identity before withdrawing funds.

All quality online casinos are independently tested for payout fairness and random number generator effectiveness, typically in a bi-annual period. These certificates of assurance and the last time an independent review was carried out can be found on the home page of the Internet casino in question.

In addition, transactions at secure venues like the ones recommended above are protected by a minimum of 128 Bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption security to ensure that financial information sent over the casino lobby can’t be intercepted by a third party.

Finding eCOGRA accredited certification

ecograAt All Slots Casino, you can scroll to the bottom of their homepage to find an ‘eCOGRA: Safe and Fair’ icon, which will re-direct to their fairness certificates upon clicking it. They utilise RNGs from Microgaming, which the independent body eCOGRA has evaluated the output of to verify that all cards in a deck are randomly selected and have an equal chance of being dealt. Earning eCOGRA’s seal of approval earns All Slots a six month certificate to validate the quality and fairness of their services.

Once the six months is up eCOGRA will test Microgaming’s RNGs again to check if they are still valid. eCOGRA also reviews the average percentage payouts the site and found the percentage of total player unit winnings to the total unit amount wagered by players for the month under review was 96.87% for table games. Payout reviews are usually reviewed monthly, which means you have a similar chance of beating the dealer at All Slots Casino as you would at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Most reputed virtual casinos, and certainly all websites mentioned on our site, will employ all of these mechanisms to keep your online blackjack games safe and fair. Our verdict? Playing 21 online is just as safe as playing it in person at a casino.

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