How to play Super Fun 21

The best part about Super Fun 21 is you don’t have to figure out how to get to the casino, as it is available online by some of the best software providers in the industry. We detail everything you need to know on how to play Super Fun 21.


How to play Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is played similarly to a standard blackjack game but there are additional rules which can make the game more exciting, including players doubling their winnings by scoring 21 with a five card hand and more:

Rules of Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 by Microgaming
  • The game is generally played with one standard deck, but can be played with two, or up to six decks
  • The dealer generally Hits on soft 17s
  • Players with Blackjack always win
  • Players can Double after splitting
  • Players can Re-Split Aces
  • Players can Split and Re-Split up to four hands
  • Players can Hit and Double down with split Aces
  • Players can Double on as many cards as they like
  • Late surrender is available
  • Double Down Rescue is available where a player surrenders half of their wager after Doubling Down
  • If a player has a hand valuing 20 or less with six or more cards, excluding after Doubling, then they automatically win
  • If a player has a hand of 21 with five or more cards, excluding after Doubling, players automatically win and the payout is 2:1
  • If a player scores Blackjack with both suits Diamonds the payout is 2:1

Players place their wagers as they normally would – via the animated interface online – and press the action such as Deal, Hit, Stand, etc., to proceed.

The best part about this variant is when there is a hand of low cards, players have a high chance to make a hand of 21 with five cards, while a hand of high cards gives you the chance to score Blackjack – giving more chances to win.

Super Fun 21 house edge

The house edge of Super Fun 21, like standard blackjack titles, relies on the number of decks in play as well as the perfect basic strategy. Additionally, it requires the dealer Hitting on soft 17s.

  • One deck: 1.16% house edge
  • Two decks: 1.30% house edge
  • Six decks: 1.40% house edge

While the house edge can be higher in comparison to Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack (can be as low as 0.13% with perfect basic strategy), it can be fun to mix up variants and stick with a one deck title to keep it still quite low.

Super Fun 21 strategy

You can find the basic strategy online for Super Fun 21 and we recommend opening up a new tab so you can go back and forth to your game and the chart to make the house edge as low as possible – will be the above house edge when the perfect basic strategy is in play provided the same rules are followed.

However, we have summarised some important points of the basic strategy, which is for a one deck game, incase you ever play at land-based venues as follows:

  • Players should always Double Down on a hand of nine when the dealer has an up card of two, three, four, five, or six
  • Players should Double Down on a hand value of 10 and 11 against any card the dealer has
  • Players should Surrender after Doubling Down (Double Down Rescue) with a hand value of 16 or below if the dealer has an eight, nine,`10, or Ace
  • Players should Surrender with 17 if the dealer has an Ace
  • Surrender shouldn’t be opted for unless the player has a hand of four cards or more
  • Players should surrender when they have a hard 17 and the dealer has an Ace

You will find each move calculated as the best move to make statistically against the dealer’s up card online, and we recommend practising it online before seeing it in play at a land-based venue where you can’t rely on an extra tab being opened.

Online Super Fun 21

The best software developer offering the Super Fun 21 variant is Microgaming. It is played with a standard 52 deck and follows the rules we’ve included above.

  • Blackjack: 1:1
  • Standard win: 1:1
  • Insurance win: 2:1
  • Diamond Blackjack: 2:1
  • Five Card or more 21: 2:1
  • Six card or more with a value of 20 or less: 1:1

You will find Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 at our favourite Microgaming casinos including All Slots Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, and Jackpot City Casino – each available to access via downloadable software for PC users, or via your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.,) for Mac and PC users.

Other blackjack variants

There are a variety of blackjack variants available online to mix things up from the standard set of rules, including:

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You will find these variants at our recommended online casinos each verified by reputable organisations as secure – simply follow our links from our homepage to access them.