Real money online blackjack

For millions of players around the globe, real money online blackjack is the game of choice. This page discusses some of the best places to play Internet blackjack and the advantages of wagering real money instead of fake chips. For the dedicated veterans of 21 we’ve also included a list of intriguing game variants which can be played at our recommended casinos.

Note: This page is intended for our international readers only. Online gambling is currently illegal in Australia following the introduction of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016, which prohibits real money casinos from servicing Australians. We cannot recommend sites for Australians; the content on this page is purely informational in nature only.


Best places to play real money blackjack

For international players looking for the best online blackjack games to wager real cash, BlackjackTips recommends the following websites:

1/ All Slots Casino
2/ G’day Casino
3/ Guts Casino
4/ Royal Vegas Casino
5/ Jackpot City Casino

If you own multiple media devices with a data connection enabled, you can play real money blackjack on your computer, laptop, mobile and tablet – click the links above to be re-directed to your preferred casino site.

Each of these reputable sites support all major banking institutions and Internet payment services for easy, fast and safe deposit and withdrawals. All five casinos offer high-quality real money blackjack with a range of rulesets and variations – classic, high-stakes, live dealer, multi-hand and more – to suit all moods and preferences.

Advantages of playing for cash

Some of the advantages of playing real-money blackjack versus free blackjack are obvious – you have the chance to win money playing the game you love – but there are several other less obvious advantages of playing for cash. If you’re considering taking the leap to play cash games for the first time, consider some of these great benefits:

A feeling of accomplishment – Racking up win after win at the free tables is fun at first, but the excitement begins to diminish after you’ve become a fake millionaire a few times over. When real money is on the line, each hand is as exciting as the first and the suspense levels are always high, making games a lot more fun and rewarding.

Winning real money – Collecting piles of virtual credits is nice, but it can’t buy a new car or make the house payments. The most meaningful reward for a session of blackjack is cash, and that can only be won by signing up at an online casino.

Real Money Online Blackjack at Royal VegasFull access to the casino – When you use the free software provided by an online casino, it’s often an abbreviated version of what real-money players have access to. Once you’re willing to put your cash on the line, you’ll find a number of additional gaming options available (as well as special promotions). Note that live dealer blackjack is only available to real money players

Improving your skills – Free blackjack games help you learn the basics, but most players only discover their true abilities when they’re pushed to the limit. This requires money to be on the line, which is another advantage to playing for real stakes. When you make a mistake that costs you a bundle of your own funds, you’re unlikely to make the same error again, strengthening your strategy each time you play.

Cool variants available online

Anyone who’s reading this article is likely to know the standard rules of twenty-one, but it might surprise you to learn that a number of variant rules also exist. Most online casinos carry at least a handful of these, so be sure to check out the list of games at our casinos recommended above to see if your favourite is being offered. An example of some of the blackjack variants you’ll find online includes:

Blackjack Switch – The player receives two hands and is allowed to switch the second cards of each. In order to compensate for this player-friendly rule, a dealer total of 22 is considered a push and a player blackjack pays at even money.

Spanish 21 – Another option that’s popular with players due to a variety of gamer-friendly rules, Spanish 21 offers unlimited doubling down, guaranteed wins on a player blackjack, late surrender, and numerous bonuses for different combinations of 21. On the downside, there are no 10 cards in the deck. If you play at an online casino that caters to players worldwide in countries where online gambling is legal, look for the game known as “Pontoon,” which offers similar rules but no hole card.

Play Double Exposure Blackjack at

Double Exposure Blackjack – This variation gets its name from the fact that the first two cards of the dealer are dealt face up. While this gives the player an initial advantage, the casino evens the odds by offering even money payouts on blackjack and an automatic player loss on ties.

Vegas Style Blackjack – If the player and dealer both bust–but the dealer busts with a higher total—then the result is a push. The game is often found in California casinos, although it’s starting to appear online with greater frequency.

Super Fun 21 – In this variant, a player can split their hand up to a maximum of four times. Collecting additional cards can also work to your advantage, as six cards that equal a total of 20 results in an automatic win at even money.

Double Attack Blackjack – While blackjacks only pay even money, there are a number of rules that players will love. For example, the initial bet can be doubled after the dealer’s upcard is seen, and players can choose to surrender at any point in the game. There are also some interesting side bets associated with the dealer going bust. This variant is most common in Atlantic City, but persistent fans of the game can also find it at a few Internet casinos.

If you’d like to try any of these blackjack variants but aren’t confident enough with the rules to risk a real wager, give games a go in demo mode for free at one of our recommended casinos. Playing for free allows you to get your head around the rules and try out your game strategy before you move on to play for real.

Playing blackjack for real money will ensure your enthusiasm for the game doesn’t falter, while online play is a fantastic alternative to the effort and social graces required for a session at a land based casino. If you enjoy this classic casino card game but don’t like to deal with the hassle of the masses, then you might want to give online 21 a try. Signing up via our links will also award you with all kinds of welcome bonuses, giving you more money to play with from the start.

Eager to play with real money online? For the best Internet blackjack, head over to All Slots Casino and claim up to $1,600 in welcome bonuses.

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